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a-nnaphernelia: what's your fav mdp song and lyric

my favorite song is a shot across the bow 

my favorite lyric is “til heaven calls keep holding on”

Anonymous: What is derek's ig? Thanks


Anonymous: Hi! is Roo Derek's only daughter? Or does Roo's mother have another child with another man? I see pics of another adorable girl on her instagram

hi roo’s real name is Grey, fyi lol derek calls her roo as a nickname. and yes his girlfriend lauren has another daughter with matt burke, her name is bailey.

daisysourcream1995: Does Derek have a family? like a SO and kids? I was stalking his Instagram and I keep seeing this adorable little girl-Grey (Roo)-is this his kid?

yep thats his daughter! 

Anonymous: whats the meaning behind ghosts? or what the meaning behind it you think?

idk maybe his memories? im so shitty at analyzing a song tbh lol 

nos-tal--gia: This blog is just wonderful

thank you :) 


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